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Booth at M&M 2019 Meeting

zeroK hosted a booth at this summer's Microscopy and Microanalysis Meeting in Portland, Or. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see our latest product offerings!

Please click here for slides from our vendor tutorial, summarizing our current offerings. Don't hesitate to reach out to me (, I'd love to discuss how zeroK can help support your research aims.

EIPBN Conference 2019

zeroK's technologies were the subject of 4 presentations at this year's EIPBN conference!

In Thursday's Advanced Ion Beam I session Jabez McClelland gave an overview of cold ion technologies. This included zeroK's LoTIS as well as the Lithium ion beam system built by Brenton and myself at NIST; this system is still running and producing results over 8 years after coming online.

Later in the session, I gave my talk, showing the latest results from our FIB:RETRO prototype and our plans for the next-generation SIMS:ZERO system. Feel free to download the slides, and please contact us if you'd like additional information.

The session concluded with a talk from Yuval Greenzweig of Intel, detailing some of the results from characterization work Intel did with our FIB prototype. The conclusion is that LoTIS is very well suited to circuit-edit operations owing to its very small focal spot sizes and low invasiveness/staining.

That evening zeroK was honored with an award for best startup of 2019!

Thank you EIPBN and especially this year's program chair Regina Luttge for a great conference.

Talk at FIBSEM 2019

I just wrapped up a talk at this year's FIB/SEM User Group meeting. All of the contributed talks had a lot of useful information, thanks to all the organizers!

My talk was brief but I had time to show for the first time the latest version of our Low Temperature Ion Source (v2), as well as some of the anticipated utility of our FIB:RETRO and SIMS:ZERO products.

I am planning to put the talk up online, so check back soon!

Talk at ISTFA 2018 Meeting

I will be giving a talk and participate in a panel discussion at the FIB user group session of the upcoming ISTFA meeting. ISTFA focuses on failure ananlysis techniques emplying FIB and related technologies. The talk will focus on the latest applications of FIB:RETRO and the possible applications of SIMS:ZERO to semi.

My brief talk will be back-to-back with one given by Rick Livengood of Intel who will summarize recent successful circuit edits performed with a FIB:RETRO platform.

Booth at AVS 65 Meeting

zeroK will host a booth at this fall's meeting of the American Vacuum Society in Long Beach, Ca. We also will have, in collaboration with researchers at Intel, a poster detailing recent successful circuit edits completed on 10nm node chip that were performed using zeroK's FIB:RETRO. This poster will be in the Thursday session, poster number HI-ThP02.

Booth at M&M 2018

zeroK will host a booth at this summer's M&M meeting. Since this is pretty nearby to zeroK's HQ we might facilitate some tours of our facility and/or a live demo. Please email us if this is of interest!

EIPBN Meeting Wrapup

This year's Electron, Ion and Photon Beams (3-Beams, or EIPBN) Meeting was fantastic; the organizers deserve a big thank-you. The Ion beam sessions where highly relevant and I came back with some great ideas.

I believe both of my talks helps contribute to a broader understanding of LoTIS and what it can help our customers accomplish. If anyone would like to discuss further, please contact me!

Talks at EIPBN Meeting

Hello everyone. zeroK will be contributing quite a good deal of content to this year's Electron, Ion and Photon Beams (3-Beams, or EIPBN) Meeting.

First, I'll be giving a short course in collaboration with Anne Delobbe (our colleague at Tescan) on laser-cooled ion source technology. This will be on May 29th. A.V. equipment permitting, this should be a fun overview of how laser-cooling-enabled low-temperatures allow for the creation of high-precision ion beams.

Later in the week (Thursday May 3rd 2:10 pm in room Caribbean 3) I will share the latest LoTIS technical results.

LoTIS Debut Celebrated

zeroK's LoTIS brightness measurements appeared in the premier issue of the new high-impact journal Nano Futures. Now this publication has been honored as one of 11 articles highlighted in the first anniversary issue!

zeroK at ISTFA 2017

zeroK participated in the FIB user group as part of The International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (ISTFA). zeroK presented its latest results and discussed some of the benefits LoTIS may offer to members of this community. These include better machining acuity and reduced levels of primary-beam invasiveness.

zeroK at the AVS-64 Meeting

zeroK's at AVS64

zeroK presented its latest results and spoke with experts in the FIB and SIMS communities at The 64th meeting of the American Vacuum Society in Tampa, Florida Oct 31st. Thank you everyone for coming out to say hello!

Our booth was part of zeroK's outreach to the lead customers and users who will be among the first to reap the benefits of LoTIS-FIB instrumentation. Since last year when we debuted the technology we have demonstrated 4x higher brightness as well as quantitative spot size performance data from 1 pA to 1 nA with a 10kV beam.

LoTIS in the News

A new article was just published on highlighting the utility of zeroK's LoTIS. It provides a quick overview of our technology, its applications, and our recent publication.

LoTIS Ready for Deployment

We are proud to announce that zeroK's LoTIS is now available to be deployed to lead users. If you are interested in being one of the first outside users of this new technology and would like to discuss acquiring a LoTIS-equipped FIB system or a retrofit of your existing gallium FIB system please contact us.

Latest publication released, LoTIS 2x brighter

The performance of the alpha continues to be refined. Recent upgrades have enabled a doubling of the ion source brightness compared with the results we reported in November. This means we can provide more current into smaller spots for our end users.

Our most recent results detailing this work are now available in the premier issue of a brand new high-impact, rapid-release IOP journal Nano Futures. The article is open access so you don't need a subscription.

A Look Ahead

zeroK is looking forward to a very exciting 2017. With an initial demonstration of our technology complete we aim to begin rolling out deployments to lead users. If you would like to discuss how this technology could benefit your application please contact us.

zeroK In the News

Excitement is building in anticipation of new focused ion beams powered by LoTIS. Here's what industry watchers are saying: